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This is a role play set far in the future, when the human race is far more advanced then today. Developments such as the ability to travel great distances over a short period of time, A.I., and more advanced weaponry then ever have gained the human race the attention of the rest of the galaxy, something many non-humans believe the race is not ready for. The council of Wise Men, or the men elected by each of the races on the council to rule, stepped forward almost immediately, offering the human race a seat, seeing the races potential. As human space grew, the race's seat on the council became quite the powerful position indeed. The race one of the several major seats, due to the races ingenuity and creativity.
Other then the human race, there are currently three other major races on the council. The Jaloni, or Ghost's, as they are called by many human beings because of their natural ability to change the color of their skin to match their surroundings, are currently the highest seat of power.

Available Races:
Human Beings- The human race is the most flexible of all the races in the galaxy known so far. A human can become strong, intelligent, or sneaky, depending on what they choose. The human military is quite similar to the United States Marines of the twenty first century.

*Ghost*- The Jaloni are the most sneaky of the major races, usually accomplishing their tasks through deception and stealth. They are not incredibly physically strong, and rely on their natural abilities and small weapons in battle. Their technology also has the ability to stealth. The ghost's military is set up much like the human's, although they do not rely on military might, but stealth.

*Brain*- The Fasoth are extremely intelligent, completely reliant on technology to survive. Physically, they are much weaker then even a Ghost, but their technology surpasses any other race in the known galaxy. The do not have a military sect, but are usually spread between the other three races in order to assist them.

*Barbarian*- The Kat'ralai are the most powerful of the races physically, although they only barely have the technology to travel throughout the galaxy, and rely on the other races for help in that category. The Kat'ralai's military can be compared to the spartan army of old, and have been much inspired by the stories told by some human's who still remember those tales.

*" "*- Human slang names for each race, only the Kat'ralai are offended by the names, and have been known to kill those who call them such.

There are other races in the galaxy, but those will not be mentioned here. If they are in the story, they will be described there.

Approximately ten years ago, a new sector of the galaxy was explored by the Jaloni, who are, because of their stealthy abilities, are often used as scouts by the council. What they found their was to powerful for the Jaloni to handle, and they fled back into known space. But the creatures followed. The creatures, far superior to any of the races on the council in every way, from technology to strength, annihilated the worlds held by the Kat'ralai in only two years, leaving the survivors homeless, wandering the galaxy. As they neared Fasoth space, the intelligent creatures finally found a way of halting their progress. Unknown to any but the Fasoth themselves, their method did stop them, and the creatures simply stayed where they were, held what they had. The council, still on edge, couldn't believe that these creatures that had so easily wiped out so much of their empire, had simply stopped, or been stopped, even by the Fasoth. But after almost eight years of continued peace, the memory began to fade. While none dared even attempt cross into their enemies territory, they continued as if the incident had never happened. The Ghoul's, as they were called, thirst, was quenched.

Beginning Setting
The story begins on a planet just inside Council space. With an environment much like Earth, Vexus was one of the farthest out planets known that human beings would feel comfortable on. Since the earth government allowed human's to travel to the planet, it has become one of the trade center's of the galaxy. Any of the known races can be found here at any time, making it perfect for commerce.

Each race has their own specific type of weaponry:
Humans: Converted Weaponry from the twenty first century. Now fire shards of energy rather than bullets and carry energy packs instead of clips. Each "clip" can fire one hundred shots before dying. For handguns, with the acceptation of revolvers, can fire fifty before dying. Revolver's are more powerful, but require a small battery for each shot.
Ghost: Usually knives made of a material that, when activated, blends into the surroundings as well as the Ghost's themselves. Also use small human handguns.
Brain: Use human handguns, although only for self defense.
Barbarian: Use sonic and human weaponry.

PM me your profiles and I will ok and add them to the list, then you can starty posting.

I would suggest each character is part of each of the races military sects, but it is not required.

Username: Monk of Majere
Name: John Anderson
Race: Human
Occupation: Earth Military, Corporal
Skin Type: Tanned
Hair: Black and short, although infringing on regulation length
Build: Strong but thin, tall.
Dress: Military Standard, usually field clothing. Dust colored, light material.
Weapon of Choice: A modified M16 Energy Rifle, an Energy Revolver, and a combat knife.
Personality: Loyal and brave, willing to rush into fire to save a fallen comrade.

First Post
John Anderson walked the marketplace of the planet Vexus and sighed. It had been almost a year since he was posted here, and he longed to see the stars once more. Vexus was an amazing planet, one had to admit, but Anderson had never been fond of staying in one place for to long. He was a wanderer, that was a fact, and, while he would never go against orders, he requested a transfer at every chance he got. His hand strayed to the revolver strapped to his waist, something it did quite often. While John wasn't on duty at the moment, it was standard protocol for military personnel to carry a small firearm at all times, although it was frowned upon to carry anything bigger then a handgun. The military was the main "police force" on this planet, and no one complained about them doing a bad job. The major cities crime had gone down quite a bit since they had taken over, although there were still pockets, as there always would be.
Glancing over to one of the stands in the old, street-side style marketplace, something interesting caught John's eye, and he walked over to investigate.

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